Laurie's Story

Someone hits the light switch and on cue, all the hiding guests jump up and yell "SURPRISE!!!"

Like the best-planned surprise party, opportunities in life can sometimes catch us off-guard. The stage acting and the up-cycled crafting each came as a surprise to me, but are now "what I do"... or should I say, "what I get to do"?

My mom can attest to my sewing prowess, advancing from aprons to 'shifts' to the prom dress! Today, I prefer to take the fabrics of your life and turn them into useful, artistic memory quilts or pillows. But SewCalledDesigns is not "just about fabric". Window sashes are up-cycled into wall mirrors, old doilies are framed as sophisticated folk art, and black&white photos are decoupaged onto unassuming boxes as decorative storage units.

The acting "call" came as another surprise. After high school - long after high school -  I started back in theatre when the youth drama coach at my church moved to Pennsylvania to take the chaplaincy at a military hospital. As the Accidental Drama Director, I progressed from the youth drama team, to the adult drama team, to the drama club at the private school where I taught French. From there, the stage door opened for me in local community theatre and at one Equity house.

Today, I write and perform monologues, bringing contemporary and Biblical women to life who illustrate or complement the keynote speech or the Sunday sermon. The characters are kind, wise, and totally transparent, easy to identify and sympathize with.

So what does this blog have to do with sewing or acting? Here's what:
The creation of characters or the recreation as fabric art of "retired" tee-shirts, uniforms, or table linen is a lot like making a new friend. There's so much to learn from and about her. Sometimes what I learn has absolutely nothing to do with sewing or acting, but it always has to do with Life. The preparation and delivery of any product always generate more than just the finished product, and I'd like to share some of what I am learning, beyond the quilt and beyond the skit.

I hope you will visit me at and, and "like" my FaceBook page LauriesStories. I'd like the opportunity to bring a smile and encouragement to your day.

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